Flashmob photo exhibition Shanghai 2014

On a humid day in the summer of 2014, Liu Miao and I sneaked onto the rooftop of a high-rise building under construction with a bunch of prints in our backpacks. We took a total of 15 minutes to hang up our images, creating relations to the architecture and city landscape, took snaps of the installation and cleaned out everything to the original state, ready to be uploaded on socials.
This vanishing exhibition was pointing out to the digital afterlife that is usually more influential and seen by more people than the original opus.

Fiction with just enough Reality.

It was the first test to rethink exhibitions and installations in a new way, within a project we called Contemporary Museum of Art Shanghai. After creating a website, a logo and a fake address after choosing a white box building in a random remote area on the map of Shanghai where we knew nobody would ever bother to drop by.
The aim of CMAS is to work through collaborations as a platform around the notion of museum space, to consciously shift the paradigm about  where and how exhibitions take place, and encourage the expansion beyond the usual four white walls.