COMETA Bistro Bar & Store
Owner, Design Direction &
Content curation

COMETA Shanghai works as a dysfunctional house that’s full of weird and wonderful things to see, taste and buy. We place food, art and fashion on an equal platform. Just don’t call it a shop or a bar.

We’re here to tell the stories of all the special things we have seen and done, in a cozy, welcoming and visually stimulating environment.
It’s a platform for us to connect all our talented friends around the world, to give them a chance to expand and prosper, while injecting curiousity.


From early afternoon, sipping from the most classic items of italian coffee culture while browsing through our store to evening dining with friends, COMETA is fully dedicated to create a warm and authentic atmosphere to reconnect with the world and its beauty in every detail. The dishes gravitate around the Aperitivo culture and comfort food with a focus on retro Italian traditional dishes rising from the childhood memories of the owners of COMETA, as well as the employees’, we like to spice up things with what we love from the Shanghainese street and breakfast food.

COMETA is cross-cultural, as we like to define our style as Mediterrasian:
We mix the beauty of Mediterranean and Chinese, bridging cultures by adding richness to flavors, colors and visuals of our dishes.
We select wines with passion and are happy to guide customers through our rotating selection of both classic grape varieties and funky natural wines to enjoy
Our fresh in-house pre-bottled cocktails are prevailing for historically authentic and locally crafted ingredients and booze labels.


By melting the vernacular with the contemporary, we strive to revitalize traditions and cultures from around the world to create garments and objects that have a history and will expand it in time. We are reaching out to conscious customers who appreciate the deeper values of what they buy.

Our garments and accessories are built by modern workwear shapes, constructed from vintage deadstock fabrics from both China and Europe, or upcycled with local minorities’ craftsmanship items.