GENDA Magazine

Editor for the “East” 

GENDA intersects the cultures of West and East with two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China – who identify a common theme that is then elaborated through the misunderstandings and complexities at the root of every concrete exchange. Applying an interdisciplinary approach, seeking to trigger new questions, it gathers accidental, compressed, distant yet similar material. 

It is the vision of what remains at the end of a road, at the moment a path is interrupted or when an action leads to a willed for, pursued, constructed and, at times, serially planned impasse. Seemingly different and far-off worlds and cultures observe and copy one another, modifying themselves without being mutually accountable.
Genda is born from a misunderstanding: it is the Western mangling of the popular Chinese Zhenda – ‘Really?’

The first issue was dedicated to the concept of Landscape As Abandon – with contributions by Jeff Wall, Bas Princen, Volker Heinze, Fan Shi San, Ni Weihua, Zhang Kechun, and many more.