Taoyuan Land Art Festival
Taoyuan, Taiwan 2018

Landmark design

Founded in 2013, the Taoyuan Land Art Festival is an event that focuses on promoting Taoyuan’s natural landscapes and human culture.
The festival, which has been held in various administrative regions over the years, utilizes diversified and culturally rich art exhibitions to inspire visitors to look at land, environments, ecological development, human culture, and history from different perspectives. 

Proposed is a landscape installation that works both as a tiny architectural pavilion and as a cantilevered viewpoint to give visitors interesting perspectives on the surrounding nature.
The main idea is to create a chinese box kind of space in perfect balance with its environment, where one needs to go inside to re-connect to the outside.


A modular scaffolding structure that sits quietly on the ground, floating so that it appears to grow out of the terrain.
An open base allows visitors to touch the soil with their feet again once seated in the pavilion.
Pots filled with plants are installed onto the sides of the volume, allowing breeze and sun rays to gently come inside.

With a few steps one can climb up and observe trees and animals from another perspective, yet hiding behind greens.
The second level is covered with an opaque transparent pvc roof that becomes a hideout from the outside while offering a discreet view of the surroundings through a wooden window box sticking out of the green facade.

Materials: metal tubes and joints, metal grate, wooden frame, weather resistant paint
Dimensions:  modular units of 2.4m x 2.4m x 3.6m, expandable with cantilevered pipes to add functions