YOUnit Atelier
Content curation & design direction
Shanghai Village 
2016 - 2018
Curated by Davide Quadrio and Alan Grillo, the YOUnit Atelier is part of a retail experience dedicated to the unmaking, where the guest is given opportunities to engage with and deconstruct fashion’s creative process at any point in its evolution.
YOUnit engages with brands, craftsmen and international institutions such as Marangoni, the Vanabbe Museum and the Mondriaan foundation, to reverse the connection between consumers and producers, exploring the potential of new digitally aware material and putting the end user in the driver’s seat from the outset.

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Together with Dutch designer and artist Bas van Beek, and the world-renowned Van Abbemuseum, the Netherlands, we have created a new exhibition and visual experience at YOUnit, located within the Village. In this unique collaboration, the exhibition shows the transformation of graphic design into industrial and architectural design inspired by connections between Chinese/Asian and European traditions, the Modern and the Classic, as well as art and fashion.
For this exhibition the YOUnit space has been reimagined. Breaking away from museum tradition and the protocol of using white walls and spaces, Bas Van Beek has taken his graphic wallpaper as the background to create a special atmosphere to connect with this audience. 
The exhibits include a series of re-imagined artworks taken from existing designs, archive material, and never before seen work; by taking art deco inspiration and building a new original, improving and expanding on it; using better materials than the old ones; and from using traditional Shanghai window papercut decoration to the Chinese tradition for silk. Working with local Shanghai and Chinese artisans Bas van Beek’s designs have been further transformed; into an art deco piece of furniture by Artdeco Shanghai, a shop initiated by artist Ding Yi. Everyday homeware, such as plates, have been turned into pieces of artwork when combined with the skill of artisans in Jingdezhen.